Why Rainbow Dazed?

Tired of seeing the same old colors?

Us too, so we started creating a brand that focused on bold vibrant colorful sunglasses.  Instead of a ton of styles in 2 colors we made tons of colors in only our favorite and the most popular styles.  

We combined colorful frames with crisp clean colorful UV400 lenses containing strong glare reducing properties and blocking 100% UVA / UVB radiation.  Then we made those lenses in every color of the rainbow.  That's right brah!

Based in Hawaii, we needed lenses that offered 100% protection without being too dark on

cloudy overcast days with LOW LIGHT, yet provided glare reducing protection on the sunniest HIGH LIGHT days alike!  So we borrowed a little technology from the ski industry, and here it is...

Ever felt like quality sunglasses cost too much?

Anyone ever freaked out when your new expensive sunglasses go missing?

You're not alone!

In fact, if your like most of us you're ready to replace your shades the moment you get a small scratch on the lens.. or occasionally the complete & utter destruction of your sunglasses.

Yes, we go though quite a few shades around here... and we've got a warranty for that!

Unique style, Fun colors, for Happy People

Quality at a price that allows room for Variety!


We at Rainbow Dazed want you to be able to own  a pair of sunglasses for every occasion, 

every outfit, 

every day of the week, 

every color of the rainbow & every chakra of the body

So what ya get, is the quality and clarity of much higher priced sunglasses without the price tag!

Keep in Touch

Be the first to hear about upcoming sales, product giveaways, & the hottest new colorful sunglasses! ...it's a lifestyle!

Who are we?

Creative Types

Musicians, Performers, Artists, Designers, Writers, Photographers, Entrepreneurs, etc

And, if you prefer to be a patron and dance your ass off at Music Festivals

We like that too!!!

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Surfers, SUPers, Snowboarders, Skiers, Climbers, Hikers, Kayakers, Free Divers, Sky Divers, Disc Golfers, etc etc

We like to play outside, whatever that is... 


We feel yoga, meditation, & personal awareness is essential to a healthy balanced life.

We also offer discounts for yoga teachers!