Color will always be the thing that drives design and innovation

what is rainbow dazed ?


Some would say there are two stories, pick your favorite, both are true.

In surfing, it's the moment when you punch through the backside of a huge green wave, as a mist of water showers down upon you, a rainbow is created in the morning sun.

To help remember the name, we sometimes make the toke sign with our fingers to our lips and suggest it's like being Dazed & Confused on the Rainbows of Hawaii.

Rainbow Dazed is that moment in life when you're truly going for it, all in, holding nothing back... full of appreciation and gratitude.

Our Story

How we got started

 "The name for the brand came in a dream..."

I believe that one of the most important things you can do in life is to live your dreams everyday.  My dream from a young age was to create a brand in the Surf, Snow, & Travel Industry that could inspire the world.  

Rainbow Dazed was an inspiration based around the idea of offering the lifestyle and mindset of Hawai'i  through a colorful, fun, free spirited brand.  After all... Aloha means Love.  We were founded on the philosophy that "...it's all about the lifestyle" and for us, that meant living out our dreams, embracing our passions, and working remote from a laptop anywhere at anytime.

The name for the brand literally came to me in a dream, I woke-up in the middle of the night and purchased the dot com immediately... but the question beckoned, what would I sell?  I absolutely loved color, that was the passion...  I knew if I stayed close to my passion that it would all work out... 

I also loved sunglasses, but I was so tired of the typical black, white, & maybe brown boring old sunglasses that everyone sold - what I really wanted was more color, vibrant color!  Color to match my personality, my lifestyle, my mood & my slippers...  I went to Outdoor Retailer, found a factory to partner with and produce my vision in as many colors as possible.  The rest is history playing out in the present.  

We support passionate people, living a mindful life, full of purpose, being good to others & good to oneself.  We hope to inspire the spirit of Aloha that is within every person through color, creativity, and a carefree lifestyle.  We just happen to make sunglasses  ...it's all about the lifestyle!                                ~Odie Odell, brand founder



Our new packaging is made from biodegradable corn syrup, our warranty guarantees replacement options for life, we give a minimum of 1% of our revenue back to non-profit organizations that help protect the planet, and we offer an unlimited amount of love & aloha with every purchase!   

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